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TreeHouse Co-op Playgroup

TreeHouse playgroup is an early-learning cooperative playschool for children 
1 to 4 years of age.  
Classes are Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesday, Thursdays and Fridays 
from 9am-1pm. 

Our program is a gently guided early learning play based playschool.  We believe in fostering each individual childs curiosity with their natural ability to learn and discover thru everyday play in a family oriented nurturing environment.  Organic meals and snacks are provided.

Rates are as follows:
Rates are as follows:
5 days a week- $550/month
4 days a week- $450/month  
3 days a week - $375/month  
2 days a week - $275/month 

Non-refundable Registration/Start-up fee: $25
One time Supply fee: $25
*20% sibling discount  
Parent Participation Rates:
  • Families in the 2-day class will parent help 2 times per month.  $200
  • Families in the 3-day class will parent help 3 times per month.  $290
  • Families in the 4-day class will parent help 4 times per month.  $350
  • Families in the 5-day class will parent help 5 times per month.  $390

Financial Hardships
We offer free playschool based on space.  In order to qualify, a parent or family member is required to volunteer in the classroom each day for the full day of playschool.  You are also required to come early to help set-up the classroom and stay afterwards to help clean up as needed.  Priority is given to those with financial need.

*Drop in rates are $48 a day between the hours of 9am-1pm, space is limited.  Please contact in advance for availability.  Afternoon hours are also available with advance scheduling.  

Please email: treehouseplayschoolpdx@gmail.com or call 503-928-5987 for more information.

Playschool Routine

9am-  Greeting and Play
Children arrive put away coats and bags.  Open play while we wait for all our friends to arrive.  We are all here.  Lets gather for circle time and to say hello to our friends by singing the Hello song!  
9:30- Morning Snack ex: crackers/pretzels, fruit, cheese, water cups
Children sit at table together for communal snack time.  Once each child is finished with snack they are cleaned up and may excuse themselves from the table to continue open play.  

10:00- Exploration Stations-
This is a good time to bring the blocks out the carpet for some stacking.  Recite the block shape and colors for recognition as we stack them.  Put together the train tracks at the train table.  Push the trains and cars around.  Maybe we want to play in the play house.  What are we going to cook for dinner?  Let’s go grocery shopping and find out.  Is the baby needing to be snuggled?  Lets make sure all the baby dolls have some love and are snuggled in their bed.   This will allow a good time for snack clean up.  

10:30- Clean up time
Things get a bit messy fast so it’s time to clean up so we don’t fall over our toys.  Sing the Clean-Up song and wash up for snack time.

10:45- Mid morning snack-
We burn off a lot of energy with so much play.  Everyone sits at tables for another snack and water cups.
11:00- Art time
Lets make some art!  Color at the easel, tape down some paper on the floor or train table for some finger painting.  Bring out the water colors.  Is it time for play dough and tools. This week it snowed.  Lets make some snow flakes and cut and past together a snow man.  

11:30- Clean up time/Diaper changing
Time to clean up our messy art supplies, get diapers changed and wash up for lunch.

11:45- Lunch time
We make a variety of vegetarian organic lunches.  Noodle spirals mixed with black beans and kale?  Pita with hummus and veggies? 

12:15- Active/outdoor play time 
Bring out the balls, turn on the music, dance and jump.  Play ring around the rosies.  Lets burn off some energy!  

12:45- Circle Time
Lets grab our favorite books.  We can all look at a book while teacher reads us a couple of stories.  Lets talk about all the activities we did today.  Great job everyone.  Time to sing our goodbye song and gather our things.  See you soon!

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